Specialized Services

Project Management

Encore Discovery Solutions’ experience handling high-profile cases for corporations, global law firms, and government agencies makes us uniquely qualified to build effective workflows and manage complex matters.

Our experts have over two decades of experience creating custom solutions to improve our clients’ results and minimize their costs. Based on project specifications, we help our clients develop and manage data minimization strategies, key deadlines, logistics, budgets, database requirements and overall project goals.

Encore’s project management capabilities include the following services on each project

  • Quality control
  • Proprietary workflow design
  • Communications and tracking
  • On-time project completion and accurate billing

Encore clients benefit from working with some of the most experienced project managers in the industry, and are further supported by eMax, our virtual project manager assistant. eMax provides instant, web-based access to all important case information, 24/7.

Additionally, Encore utilizes a state of the art Project Workflow Portal management system that is unique in the industry and allows Encore to process and manage complex litigation cases with large volumes of data and long durations. This system introduces a high level of process automation by maintaining project objectives and specifications, transferring data through the many steps of the e-discovery process, tracking data volume and history for chain of custody purposes, and generating management reports to track errors, project status, and processing capacity/utilization.

Our Project Workflow Portal, combined with investment in project management and technical resources, has enabled Encore to realize significant gains in its overall service quality, capacity, and efficiency.

At Encore, we believe effective and timely project management and communications are critical to the success of each project. Combining proven project management techniques, unique technologies and creative solutions, we ensure the highest levels of quality, efficiency and cost savings.