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Encore Achieves Record Performance in 2009

Encore Achieves Record Performance in 2009 Photo

Encore Discovery Solutions, a knowledge-based provider of electronic discovery and related services, closed 2009 with record growth from new and existing customers through a primary focus on improving client satisfaction levels. The year of outstanding financial results allowed the company to retire all of its long-term debt while making significant investments in people, technology and a new state-of-the-art national operations center.

“The outstanding results are the product of the strategic transition we started in 2006, re-inventing the company as a knowledge-based provider of electronic discovery,” said Greg Mazares, president and CEO of Encore. “Our value proposition has been resonating with our corporate and law firm clients, allowing us to profitably build our electronic services business despite the difficult economic times. In fact, in 2009, the amount of client data we handled increased by more than 75%.”

Much of Encore’s success is due to its vast investment in a key initiative known as “Operation Excellence.” To fuel Operation Excellence, Encore invested several million dollars in software development, new processing tools, hardware upgrades, and the hiring of process and programming experts to create a unique Workflow Portal to manage the thousands of service requests and the dozens of terabytes of data that Encore processes and hosts each month. “When other companies were reducing staff or closing their doors, our focus on quality and service excellence has achieved great success through outstanding people, increased capacity, automation, and a strong commitment to delivering the highest and most consistent quality in the industry,” said Kim Taylor, Encore’s Chief Operating Officer.

Encore’s achievements in 2009 included:

  • Increased capacity. Encore now has the capacity to process more than 7 terabytes of data per month. The company currently hosts 2,500 unique client databases and more than 200 terabytes of client data.
  • Retirement of all long-term debt. With no long-term debt, Encore is better positioned than most electronic discovery service providers to fulfill long-term obligations to its clients and further invest in strategic and operational improvements.
  • Client growth. Encore was awarded some of the highest-profile cases in the country, working for many of the largest corporations and law firms on complex litigation, Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Requests, and International Trade Commission (ITC) investigations.
  • Infrastructure improvements. Major investments to complete development of a proprietary Workflow Portal, including newly developed software, newly licensed processing tools and hardware upgrades.
  • New state-of-the-art facility. Encore’s new 30,000 square foot National Operations Center in Phoenix, Arizona houses 125 staff members and most of the company’s electronic discovery and Web hosting operations.
  • New people. Encore added new employees in account management, technology consulting, project management, Web hosting services, software development and client services.
  • Revenue growth. Encore grew its core business in a year when the economic downturn caused many competitors to struggle and some to fail. Knowledge. Innovation. Results.

Due to the overwhelming response from corporate, law firm and governmental clients, Encore continues to grow in 2010 and has openings for outstanding sales professionals, project managers, technology consultants and database technicians, which can be reviewed at

For more information about Encore’s end-to-end discovery services offering, please visit

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Encore Discovery Solutions

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